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Special Schools’ Voice – Nursing Provision in Specialist Schools Research

In 2020, Special Schools’ Voice (SSV) established a Medicines in Specialist Settings (MiSS) Group and ESC was commissioned to lead a research project into nursing provision in specialist education settings.

ESC’s objectives were to;

  • Design and implement a research project which would provide SSV with an evidenced based picture of the status of nursing services in specialist settings.
  • Ensure a quality piece of research that could be shared with the Department for Education and NHS England to advance discussions regarding nursing provision within the sector.

What ESC did

  • Designed a data collection survey that would capture appropriate quantitative and qualitative data from specialist education settings.
  • Undertook data analysis using coding and thematic analysis.
  • Interpreted and presented findings in a report including recommendations for next steps.


  • Data collected from 179 specialist settings across England and Wales which provided a rich picture of the commissioning and provision arrangements for nursing services and the experiences of specialist setting leaders.
  • High quality research report produced to provide evidence and direction for future work within this sector.